When you read the title of this blog what is it that immediately comes to mind?  Money and materialistic success?  I would assume that’s how most people would interpret the meaning.  That saying has been used for years to refer to people who either have financial success or do not.  However what I am talking about is in my opinion way more important because it is they key to having TRUE FULFILLMENT.  What we are talking about ties together what we discussed in our post “The Secret to Happiness” with the content in the post “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.”  In my opinion the key to living a happy, successful life full of joy and fulfillment all boils down to being able to use the power of your thought and keep it focused on one thing above all else, GRATITUDE.  Because you see…..


Now I realize we spoke about gratitude before.  In the post on “The Secret to Happiness” we discussed how we need to learn to be grateful for everything in our life, the good, the bad and the ugly.  We talked about how we need to quit labeling things as “good” or “bad” and realize that they just “are” and we need to give things time to play out.  Sometimes our greatest disappointments are actually God’s greatest appointments.  We just need to realize that within every difficulty lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity.  By being thankful and appreciative for the exact same experiences that we would normally respond to in a negative way, we are able to learn from them and gain wisdom and insight that can help us elevate our life to a higher level.

We need to learn that GRATITUDE is not an EMOTION but it is a DECISION.  It is a decision to learn to ACT instead of REACT.  We must choose our emotions and responses instead of letting them choose us.  You see having a consistent attitude of gratitude is not something you just stumble upon by accident, it is something you must intensely cultivate.  Just like a farmer tills the soil, and then plants the seed and must nurture and care for the seed while taking into consideration the seasons, the sunshine, the rain, and the weeds, we must plant and nurture the correct seeds of thought in our mind and consider the obstacles at hand.

You see it is a choice, a decision to find things to feel gratitude and thankfulness for.  I personally believe that the people, situations and experiences that we tend to think are trying to hurt or hinder us are in fact there for our personal and spiritual growth.  We all wish to experience ourselves at the highest and most evolved level, we all wish to experience ourselves in the most divine way.  I believe at the deepest levels of our inner beings we wish to experience ourselves in all of our grandeur, at our highest of heights.  We all wish to experience ourselves as pure LOVE.  Compassion, patience, understanding, generosity, kindness, forgiveness and humility are just a few examples of ways we can experience ourselves coming from a place of love.  So let me ask you, how can you best experience yourself as patient or compassionate without an opportunity to be patient or compassionate?  How can you truly experience yourself at the highest most spiritually evolved level of forgiveness without having someone do something to you that requires your forgiveness?

I think you get the picture.  This is how I personally have chosen to use gratitude in my life.  Not as a just some tool to trick myself into being happy, but as a way to genuinely open my mind for a better and a higher way down the more illuminated path.   I’m talking about using gratitude to be able to access inner peace and happiness 24/7 – 365.  Instead of reacting to life, learning to take an active role in the creation of your own life and experiences.  It’s all about what you focus on and the perspective you take.  It’s about the DECISION you make to CHOOSE to find something to be GRATEFUL for, or to CHOOSE a new perspective which can more easily give you the ability to cultivate feelings of thankfulness and gratitude.  The bottom line is that anyone at anytime can choose to be happy by simply choosing to be grateful.  I believe that in life the real “haves” are simply those that “have” a grateful heart.   Those individuals that consistently live their life at the highest levels by choosing to respond to their circumstances out of a place of LOVE.  The real “haves” in life have made a habit out of keeping their mind and heart focused on everything in life they have to be grateful for and responding to what life throws at them in the most kind, loving and compassionate way.   Their minds are always full of the most elevated thoughts, and because of this they are the happiest and most fulfilled.

A friend of mine recently shared this video by a Benedictine Monk, that does of phenomenal job of showing that every day we have above ground really is a Good Day…..

I’m reminded of waking up in the wee hours of the morning with my under 2-year-old son next to me.  The sun had just barely came up and I was not excited at all to get out of bed, I felt the rustling of my adorable little man next to be who had been keeping me awake at night with karate kicks and some wicked backhands to the face.  I opened my eyes and I look and see this beautiful little boy smiling from ear to ear just as he starts clapping….”IT’S DAYTIME!!”  He proclaims!!  Now that’s how we should all wake up in the morning!  I firmly believe that most of the most important lessons we can learn in life we can learn from observing children.  There is a reason why they say children are God’s greatest gift, and I believe it’s because they are not here so we can teach them, but so they can teach us.

Live you life with joy, love, passion and unhindered self-expression!  CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!!  Be happy for no reason at all!  CHOOSE TO BE GRATEFUL!!  You can always find something to be grateful for and you should get in the habit of this life transforming practice!!  Understand that EMOTIONS ARE NOT SOMETHING THAT YOUR EXPERIENCES PRODUCE, but EMOTIONS ARE WHAT PRODUCE YOUR EXPERIENCES!   Let’s all learn to consistently choose gratitude and by doing so realize that you are nurturing and watering the seeds of happiness.   What is the point of life if not to be happy and enjoy our time on earth?  All the money in the world can’t buy happiness, so learn to be happy with what you have while you are in pursuit of what you want.  The best things in life are free anyways.

This song is a surefire way to get cheered up in my opinion, it always puts a smile on my face!

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

– Jason Matthew Herrington

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2 comments on “Are you a HAVE or a HAVE NOT?

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Andrea Lopez on May 31, 2013 10:03 am

I love the video in this blog! It really makes you realize and think how ungreatful we can sometimes be in life. Gratitude is something I think most adults leave behind in the adult world but its so important (as you have pointed out!). I love your reference about children and completely agree that they are our teachers. They are so honest and happy about life; it’s amazing! Very inspirational post and I can’t wait until the next!

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jasonmherrington on May 31, 2013 10:15 am

Thank you for all your kind words and insight! I am Grateful for your Comment! 😉

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