“O you of little faith.” These words were quite frequently used by the Lord Jesus while teaching and speaking with the disciples during critical moments of their recorded time together. (Matthew 6:30, Matthew 8:26, Matthew 14:31, Matthew 16:8, Luke 12:28) I can only imagine how many times I would have those words spoken to Read More

Some of my earliest experiences in a Christian setting were in Southern Baptist churches where the Pastor was preaching fire and brimstone.  Oh how I hated that as a young rebellious child and even worse as a teenager.  Now, I am very stubborn by nature, my wife and my family can attest to that, I’ve Read More

After watching the final presidential debate last night, I found myself again getting caught up in everyone’s social media commentary, fact debunking and passionate opinion pieces about the potential destruction of our country if (insert your disliked candidate here) gets elected. I had reposted an old blog earlier about keeping our peace, relevant to those of us who have Read More

(Originally posted on TBLFaithNews.com on 12/9/15) On a daily basis how would you assess your ability to follow God’s instruction to “be anxious for nothing?” (Philippians 4:6) How about the second half of the verse? Do you honestly bring EVERYTHING to God in prayer with THANKSGIVING? We often hear about having “the peace of God, Read More

Every where I go, every thing I do, every song I hear, movie I see, I draw connections. Emeli Sande’s song called “River” is one I’d like to draw some connections to God’s truths. “If you’re looking for the big adventure, And gold is all that’s on your mind, If all you want’s someone to take Read More

Everyone from the Bible scholar and pastor to the motivational speaker and the new-age/self-help guru teaches that one must have “faith.” However what are we being taught to place this “faith” in exactly? So many of us (myself included) have loved to share inspirational quotes that reflect our desire to have faith in our dreams Read More

Apostasy, the abandonment or renunciation of one’s faith or belief, is much akin to the splinter that gets infected and turns to gangrene. That minuscule shard of wood can unexpectedly enter your hand or foot and, though almost unnoticeable at first, if left alone can become infected, disease can set in and it can result Read More

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. (John 4:18 NIV) A relationship that is anointed by God has a deep sense of unity and peace, unexplainable. It will be a bond, unbreakable.  There Read More

There is one thing we all need to really consider at some point in our life … we will ALL die. There is no question about it, but the real question is where will you go after? The Bible says we will go to one of two places, heaven or hell. If believers in Jesus Read More

Have you been dating somebody a while and there’s just this little stirring in your heart wondering, “Is this the person I should be with?” It’s that still small voice inside your heart analyzing and questioning if this the person you’re meant to share forever with. I’ve been there! In fact, I share my story Read More

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