Change is an inevitability of life, something that we all must embrace and even seek if we wish to live the most happy and fulfilled existence on this earth. Things change, circumstances change and people change whether they are consciously seeking to do so or not. If you are someone who is right now aggressively striving toward some ideal, goal or accomplishment then it’s in your best interest to surround yourself with those who will support and encourage you in your journey. If you are in a place in life where you are comfortable, I hope you will feel compelled to make some changes to take some area of your life to a higher level and I also hope that you will also take on a role of being a cheerleader for those around you while they are in the pursuit of their dreams.

This message has been spawned by some pretty intense personal experience, something that transpired in my life this year that unfortunately I am still not able to talk about in public format such as this but will soon. I personally have experienced some of the most amazing and spectacular moments of my life this year. I also have been put through some of the most intensely challenging and heart-wrenching events all because of the one word we are discussing; CHANGE. If you have read some the early posts I wrote in this blog back in February you have undoubtedly seen a glimpse into my personal life and some of the trials and tribulations I have been through along the way. I have been an individual seeking personal transformation for quite some time and as such my life has come with the inevitable peaks and valleys. What has become crystal clear is that we all must embrace these cycles, or these different “Seasons of Life” as Jim Rohn called them.

By taking the time to reflect on my life and think about the challenging times I’ve been through, change has always been a constant. There are always changes I’ve seemed to make before I was able to take whatever area of my life from a stagnant plateau to another level and experience a personal breakthrough! I have no doubt you can see the same thing in your own life as you reflect. My life has been a constant evolution, an ever-changing narrative and yes my personal story is ridden with major mistakes, errors in judgement and even times of darkness and despair as I’m sure yours is as well. However upon reflecting on the past I can with easily start a passionate series of statements along these lines:

Just because I’ve been selfish, it doesn’t make me a selfish person. Just because I’ve cheated, it doesn’t make me a cheat. Just because I’ve lied, it doesn’t make me a liar. Just because I’ve used drugs, it doesn’t make me a druggie. Just because I’ve drank, it doesn’t make me a drunk. Just because I’ve been angry it doesn’t make me an angry person. And just because I have struggled and had disappointments it does not mean that those are the only things I have to look forward to in the future. Obviously I could go on and on with this list, each pointing out the various mistakes and errors in judgement I’ve made over the years.

But here is the hard truth about change, people don’t see the inner breakthrough you’ve had, or the new way of being you are taking on right away. After you make a decision to change all those around us can do is continue to perceive us through the identity we have created for our self based on all our previous actions. Unfortunately we have to realize that who we are on the inside and who we plan or aspire to be doesn’t mean anything, the only thing that matters is what we do.

When we are taking on and seeking to improve any area of our lives we have to understand that the people surrounding us in our lives are not gonna buy into our new attitude of being “Mr. Positive” or “Miss Health & Fitness” or “Mr. Compassionate” if your previous way of being has been in opposition of that in some way. You are gonna have a hard time getting people to receive you as “Mr. Unconditional Love” if you have previously been viewed as “Dr. Asshole!” Haha yes that means you were previously thought of to be such a royal jerk that you actually had a doctorate in being an A-hole!

People need time to adjust and you have to be patient and realize that what you do speaks so loudly that they can’t even hear what you say. Therefore when we decide to make changes in our lives, if we wish to have those around us be supportive and encouraging we have to remember the secret to inspiring others, people are not inspired by our talk, they are inspired by our walk. We must do everything to hold firm to our new ideals of personal greatness we are taking on and not let others reminding us of where we are right now stop us from getting where we want to be!

So when you embrace change as an opportunity to “Step Up to Your Greatness” and take your life to a new level of success, happiness and fulfillment be ready to encounter the people who will be drinking on the Haterade! They are everywhere and they are going to do their best to remind you of every single thing in the past you have done that is in opposition to the new changes you are now embracing. Also they are damn sure going to be paying extremely close attention to watch and see if you really are going to stick to your guns, stand your ground and really take your life to a new place. The hard truth is that if you have a turn around that is too quick and too passionate, people can and will think your are crazy! They might say you’ve been brainwashed and even scoff at you for trying to better your life, especially if you’ve made “goals” or “resolutions” before. The real truth is that many of the haters are just scared that you are going to turn your life around and take things to a whole new level and leave them behind. People who are not living at their best don’t want the bright light from someone else’s greatness illuminating their own flaws or lack of desire, and they certainly don’t want someone to remind them that they aren’t taking the initiative to passionately move toward their dreams because of some fear that is holding them back.

So love your enemies, and love the haters and definitely love the ones that call you crazy! Every day take bold steps towards the dreams you have in your heart and demonstrate the faith you have in yourself being able to achieve those dreams! Embrace change and do whatever you have to do, so you can be the person you need to be, that can have what it is you wish to have! Be patient with yourself and with others, thank the ones who encourage you, and to the ones that hate, turn their negativity into fuel for your fire and make your passion burn that much brighter! The one thing we can all be sure of is that though we can’t change any one else, we can always change ourselves. Be someone who is constantly changing themselves for the better so much, that you become a beacon of hope and inspire others all around you to do the same!

Change your Life & you can Change the World!

Jason Matthew Herrington

Be a Crazy One!!

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2 comments on “Change Your Life & Change the World

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Terri Herrington on November 21, 2013 11:46 am

Awesome post! Change can be scary and even unbelievable at times! You are so right, people judge you by your walk not your talk 🙂

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Andrea Lopez on December 28, 2013 7:12 am

Well said Jason! Change is the only thing guaranteed in life and how we embrace it makes all the difference! Whether it’s welcomed change, unexpected change, or very much needed change how we handle it is what counts! I use to take the haters actions towards my change on a personal level but have learned to take it all as fuel. Like you mentioned most haters just hate because they don’t want to be reminded of their own personal lack of desire to change themselves!

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