I just wanted to do a short post about cherishing the only moment you really truly have…..the moment you are in right now.  So many of us spend so much time thinking about our past mistakes and worrying about the future and what it holds that we completely miss the amazing joy and bliss that can come from the moment we are in right now.  The past is meant to guide us and not to define us, and the future is an unknown, so lets focus on what is guaranteed, the present moment.  Every one of us have things in our past that we aren’t completely proud of, every one of us have memories of situations we wish we could go back and do all over again and handle in a different way, but we do not have the luxury or ability to do that.  So lets put all our attention and energy on what we can control, which is how we handle the moment we are currently in.IMG_4141

Life is really nothing more than a series of moments and I believe that we all can find the magic and the miracles in each moment of our lives if we try.  What can you find to appreciate about the moment you are in right now?  Don’t you see how children tend to stay in a perpetual state of bliss by living fully in the present moment?  Don’t you wish you had the courage to live that way yourself?  Can you reflect upon moments in your life where you felt the most elevated levels of joy and elation and see that in those moments you were so focused on the beauty of what was happening at the present moment that it seemed as though time stood still and all you had was the NOW?  In moments of extreme bliss when we radiate good feelings from every pore of our body we are simply fully engaged in the now, and fully present to the miracle of life that all our anxiety, worry and fear vanishes and we can let our true nature fully shine through.  Isn’t that all life is really about anyways is enjoying ourselves?  Enjoying our family, our friends and every aspects of our lives?

What we resist persists and where focus goes, energy flows!  Let’s focus on finding not just MAGIC in every moment but let’s focus on finding the MIRACLE in every moment!  Isn’t life itself a Miracle?  Have you ever thought about the insurmountable odds that had to be overcome just for you to be here?  Can you develop the habit of finding the beauty in a laugh or a smile?  Can you be like a small child and totally bliss out by being fully present and enjoying life in all its wonder?  A loving embrace from a friend or family member, a tender kiss from your significant other, a hearty laugh with your best buddy; aren’t these all miracles to marvel at?  I believe they are and I know that in your heart you know they are as well.  Cultivate feelings of happiness by focusing on all you have in the now and your spirit will soar!  Be rapt in awe by the amazing beauty of nature in all it’s glory!  The vastness of the ocean and the power and energy you hear in it’s crashing waves!  Let the sun fill you with its infinite energy and be dazzled and amazed by the colors and splendor of the sun as it rises and sets!  Walk out in nature and see the miracles in all off life around you and let the orchestra of the outdoors fill your heart and soul with love.  Be amazed by the glorious day you are living right now and all the beautiful people in it.  Every day is nothing more than a series of moments called now and each one of those perfect moments contain miracles if you can only find and appreciate them!

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.

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2 comments on “Find the Miracle in the Moment……

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Terri Herrington on June 5, 2013 8:08 am

If we could only cherish each moment like a child. I can’t count the number of times your dad & I will overhear a child’s laughter and look at each other and smile. A child’s laugh is so infectious; it immediately puts you in a good mood. Love the positive blogging…all that love and joy we’ve infused in you that past 30 years sure is coming back tenfold!

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Andrea Lopez on June 5, 2013 12:13 pm

Once again; great stuff!!!! Realizing that tomorrow is not promised the NOW is the only true guaranteed thing! Kids are amazing and only if we could find our inner child and live as happy as we once did!! Stress and negativity is such a distraction to how amazing life really is! Love the posts!!

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