So as a follow-up to my first post, the question was made of how to put a “muzzle” on that inner voice.   I’ve been thinking of how to answer that question since and this is what came to me.  How do we turn that inner voice from our enemy to our ally exactly?  Have you ever heard that “first we make our habits and then our habits make us”?  I got into the habit over 10 years ago of reading and listening to audio programs that have to do with business, the science of achievement, personal development, health, and my favorite are inspiring stories of great people who have left a timeless legacy.  I don’t find it coincidental that after 10 years of filling my mind with this type of information suddenly the idea came to start this blog, form the company I just formed this week and as of yesterday the inspiration and message for a book hit me like a ton of bricks.

I recall an expression my old mentor used in talking about how the mind is like a computer and how a computer can do virtually whatever you want it to based on your ability to program it correctly and input the right information for the job at hand.  The human mind is the most powerful supercomputer in the world, in fact I was recently very humored by this statement I read in a book that’s been on my shelf for 3 years:  “Human beings are the only supercomputers that can be produced, or rather reproduced by unskilled labor….and they don’t come with instructions manuals.”  The expression my old mentor used was “garbage in…garbage out.”  Get the message?  If you we don’t constantly fill our mind with thoughts of hope, faith and love our mind will naturally gravitate towards the negative feelings of doubt and fear.  Why is this you ask?  Well our brains are actually wired for one thing, survival!  Think about being an early human and the dangerous world that you would’ve lived in, can you imagine if you had to go down and hunt your own dinner with crude homemade weapons like a spear made with a chipped rock and a stick that you connected with strips of pliable tree bark or woven grass?  Could you also imagine that you would be hunting the same dinner as some ferocious beasts that would be just as happy to have you for dinner instead of the deer you both have your eye on?  See this is what we all have to understand; fear, doubt and insecurity are ingrained in our way of being, in our DNA, because without it our ancient ancestors wouldn’t have survived.

But what about today, is it necessary?  I think the question is irrelevant because it is a reality and we have to deal with it.  If we find our minds are overloaded with doubt and fear we must choose to develop habits that muster the qualities of faith, love and hope.  Have you noticed that every religion in the world is based on this concept of faith?  Do you realize the doubt is nothing but negative goal setting?  In fact Faith and Fear both involved believing in something that hasn’t happened yet, but one is positive and one is negative.  Have you ever had a vacation booked and the weeks leading up to the trip you have already left and your mind is living on the beach of Cabo San Lucas where you will be visiting soon?  While on the trip have you noticed that halfway through your mind can easily leave the gorgeous vacation and feel the dread of work again or the stress of the things you have to deal with upon your return?  This is something that all of us do, but it can easily serve you instead of hinder you.  What you choose to focus on will eventually become your dominating thought, and the thoughts that we consistently hold in our mind become a reality in our life.  Every reality in our life was first conceived in thought.  So if that’s the case we need to do everything within our power to feed our mind with words, ideas and inspiration that will help keep our thoughts on track.  I’m sure most of you reading this have heard these concepts before, but there is a connection to this that I believe is the ultimate difference maker and I’m not sure if most people link the two.

I love being inspired, I love listening to powerful, inspired people share messages that make a difference.  One of my all time favorites is the late Jim Rohn.  If you have never listened to his material go buy Challenge to Succeed and listen to it!!  Most every personal development, success coach, and high achievers today have philosophies that were first so eloquently shared and articulated on a grand scale by this amazing gentleman.  In one of his audio programs he talks about how he spoke to a group of Psychologists , and as he got in front of them he had said this:

“You know what I feel most messes with the mind?  Doing less than your absolute best.”

That’s pretty much it folks, excellence starts in controlling the dominating thoughts you have in your mind by choosing the correct information to “input” into your supercomputer brain.  However these powerful life changing insights will never take root and become your dominating way of being until you find the drive to do your absolute best in every area of your life.  Watch the movie “The Last Samurai”, recall how amazed and inspired Tom Cruise is by the meticulous care and excellence the samurai demand out of every task, even the most menial.  All of us have the capacity for greatness and your choice to hold yourself to a higher standard and demand excellence from yourself in even the smallest task will spill over to every area of your life and inspire people all around you.  You must give it your all, surrender to your dreams and goals and make sure that you stop making a habit of choosing what feels good over what is actually good for you.  When you find the courage to do this your entire life will change in an instant, how do I know?  I have lived it, I am living it right at this very moment.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a morning person, in fact I think it’s completely insane to get up before the sun has!  What I find fascinating though is that today I woke up at 6:30am and as I read through my emails on my phone in bed while being a little perturbed that I was awake, this unusual quote was there:  “Early morning hath gold in its mouth.” – Benjamin Franklin

I chuckled and said “Ok, haha, I surrender.”  I got my butt out of bed turned on my computer and got to work.  I’ve been telling some friends and family how the last week of my life has felt like the end of the movie “Signs”, if you’ve ever seen it the ending makes the movie all worth it in my opinion.  Whether you want to call is divine order, coincidence, synchronicity or whatever, I’m telling to you to PAY ATTENTION.  Underneath all that loud nonsensical chatter in your mind is your truth, underneath the fear, doubt and insecurity is your instruction.  You were put here for a reason and a purpose and you will never be fully satisfied and fulfilled until muster up the courage to step boldly in the direction of the dreams you have in your heart.  If you do not go within, you will go without.  It’s that simple.  I have been on a search for answers since I was a teenager and finally realized that the answers I sought were within side myself all the time.  However if it hadn’t been my for my thirst for knowledge and my habit of filling my mind with messages of faith, hope, love, encouragement as well as insights to high achievement and fulfillment, I highly doubt I would have ever realized them.

So to finish up here, the answer on how to muzzle that inner voice of doubt, insecurity and to stop the lies we tell to ourselves of our own lack of self-worth and capabilities:  Do your absolute best, expect excellence in your life and have the courage to reach for it.  Only you will know if you have or not.  I believe it was John Wooden who told his players “If you end the game with more points on the board, but you know you didn’t give it your all, you are a loser!”  I has taken me years to realize this, that in the moments of my life where I was overloaded with feelings of joy, happiness and fulfillment it was for one reason, I had given it my all.  You know what else?  Those were also my moments of highest achievement.  Reflect on your life and you will see this is also true for you.  When you do your best your love yourself, when you love yourself, you are kind to yourself.  When you are kind to yourself, your inner voice encourages and cheers you on just like a good friend.  If you found insight or inspiration in this message please share in the comments below, and enjoy this beautiful picture quote a friend of mine shared on Facebook this morning.

– Jason Matthew Herrington


5 comments on “From Enemy to Ally

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Jessica Rea on February 1, 2013 4:12 pm

Amazing insights Jason! I was just having a conversation about this very concept. When you truly come alive and give 100% of your very best to something you are truly passionate about, not only are you better for it, but those around you are as well. It’s energizing to be around others that share that mindset and are out there going for it, but it is a life-sucking energy drain to be around people who only want to complain about their life.

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Paul B Sperli on February 3, 2013 2:45 pm

Jason, I love it. The book “The Alchemist” talks so much about the fact that we would never understand the treasures we have or the treasures we seek without the JOURNEY we take. Enjoying the JOURNEY tends to be the true treasure…not just the final destination. The path you have taken all these years has been that of a true servant, and we all love you and we are ready for you to lead us and inspire us to lead and inspire others better than we ever have before! I’m with you brother.


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Sheri White on February 4, 2013 9:25 am

Very interesting and full of thoughtfulness…an old friend told me years ago the following…You must give 100 per cent of your effort each time and then the universe decides…however if you do not give 100 percent you never give the universe a way to decide and then you will never know the truth of yourself and you will never know what the outcome would have been had you given your all…

so we (you…me) shortchange ourselves thru our own actions.

Blessings on your journey Jason and I would be pleased to be a part of that journey with you.

Heres to 100 percent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Randi on February 7, 2013 10:03 pm

Never never never give up! Your words are very enlightening and eye-opening. Thank you.

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anthonygordin on February 9, 2013 10:55 am

As I keep reading, I am exciting to read whats next. I am still anxious to know what E2G is all about.

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