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I know it has been a while since we have created a post and soon I will  be able to finally publish my post explaining exactly what happened to me a week ago.  I will explain why my blog was put on private for a week and why many of the exact plans I had for the E2G Movement and the amazing group of “Fire-starters” we have growing around the world had to be put on hold temporarily.  Since my “Awakening” or I should say my “Remembering” of the truth and power I had let lie dormant inside of me for so long I have had my Dreams and my Resolve tested in so many ways I cannot even express.  I have been challenged in every way possible and when I can finally post the specific stories of what I have been dealing with many of you will be overwhelmed by the extremity of my life’s circumstance as well as inspired to “Step Up To Your Greatness” with more gusto than you can possibly imagine.

Despite all of the craziness I have been dealing with I have had more genuine conversations and felt more connected with people in my life than ever before.  I have built more relationships, rekindled and reignited more friendships, and deeply connected with more amazing human beings than ever before, and I have never felt more love for my fellow-man.  I wish more than anything for every single one of you to feel what I feel, and in order to help you do so I have decided to enroll many of the amazing people who have been connected me during this time in my life not only into the E2G Movement, but also into the process of writing and creating this blog and this book.  I realize that so many of you have gifts far greater than I for writing, poetry, art, music, speaking, and selflessly helping and serving others.  This blog post is dedicated for and created by some absolutely amazing people who got connected to me the same day the Vision I had for the E2G movement was actualized.  David and Andrea Lopez, thank you for both being such incredible God-loving people,  thank you for your belief and faith in me, your friendship and support means more than you can possibly understand.  I cannot wait to see you both in San Antonio next week and continue the process of bringing all of your dreams and goals to fruition in record time!  You are both Champions and Dealers of Hope!  Your life and future is so blessed and full of abundance you don’t even realize how much of an impact you have already made and will continue to make!


I returned to Santa Barbara from an amazing business event in LA on February 2nd and received this message from David Lopez.  Even though we had grown up together in Boerne, Texas and attended school together from 3rd grade through graduating High School, we hadn’t ever spoken during that time or since.  Yet for some strange reason he had noticed something about my life on Facebook and was compelled to write me this:

Hello Jason, I hope you remember me from high school and I don’t mean to write you out of the blue but i have some questions for you. My wife is looking for a career change. She has always wanted to be a teacher but in more recent years has devoted her major to business management. She plans and hopes to graduate this Aug with her BS in Business With a concentration in management with a GPA that well exceeds any average. She is the smartest person i know! She has a passion for helping people and is great at public speaking. She has so many career goals and dreams but doesn’t know how to get them accomplished. The other day she was telling me how her dream was to reach out to people through public speaking. She is also inspired by the work people do, such as Bill Rancic, bc they help others through their speaking engagements. As I was hearing this I immediately thought about getting in touch with you. I don’t know exactly what you do but i believe it is along the same lines as what she has dreams of doing and maybe you can point her in the right direction. Congratulations on your accomplishments.
-David Lopez

Considering that just a few hours earlier I had been frantically scribbling down the first rough draft of the E2G Movement presentation and had been rapidly expanding the vision for our mission in every passing minute since, I responded right away and the very next day had the privilege to speak to David for the first time in 10+ years and get to speak to his amazing wife Andrea.  After speaking to her for an hour or two and getting to find out what she was all about she became one of the first people I asked the question I have since asked every person I feel compelled to ask to join the E2G Movement:

“What would you Be, Do or Have if you had Truly Unlimited Resources and you knew with absolute Certainty that it was completely impossible to fail?”

I told Andrea and David my story and asked them to watch the video of the most inspiring man I have ever seen in my life Nick Vujicic (www.attitudeisaltitude.com)  I then gave Andrea homework to take the time to ponder my question and email me the response.  Please watch the video that inspired us and so many others and then read her response to the question below.  You will be as inspired and moved as I was and I pray that it will help you actualize your dreams and fill you with the courage to take bold steps toward the Dreams God has put in your heart!

Andrea’s Response:

I tell ya, it has been an emotional roller coaster over the last 24 hours from the time I have spent talking with you, to watching the video of Nick Vujicic, to reading your blog. I am exhausted but excited to share my thoughts with you. I apologize in advance for the length of this email for I have a lot to share J.  Watching the video over Nick Vujicic really shined a light upon, well everything! He states “you go through storms in life and you don’t know how long the storm is gonna be” and I couldn’t agree more. As a Christian who dedicated my life to the Lord at the age of 12 I believe that when a blessing is about to happen in one’s life; that is when the enemy is hardest at work. See people have a hard time praising God when they are in the mist of the storm and the enemy is great at distractions. When we don’t let go and let God we tend to develop this poor pity me attitude which can cause us to fail to see Gods big reveal and miss out of God-given opportunities that come our way. I have always tried to hold on to the words “praise Him in the storm” and I am reminded of this further as I continue to listen to the words in this video. Vujicic then mentions the phrase “angry at life” which defines how I spent most of 2012. I had such a hard year starting with being in a car accident in June which caused me so much physical and emotional pain. I then lost my job at USAA, which I had just started in March, due to the time missed from that accident. Since I had just started I was not eligible for FMLA and in October, even though I had doctor notes for all time missed, they let me go. Losing my job at USAA also meant I had now lost my way to pay for school. I am at the loan limit for the undergraduate level and when I got hired at USAA I was ecstatic knowing I now had a way to continue my dream of being the first one in my family to walk the stage with a Bachelor’s degree. I have devoted time and hard work to school and the only B I have gotten in college was in astronomy thus maintaining a GPA not too many people can say they have. However, now that USAA is no longer a way for me to pay for school my seven classes left to fulfill my dream may now be just a dream. To top off my “year of hell” my 56-year-old athletic, good spirited, healthy uncle died three days after Christmas. The family was in shock that my mom’s only brother, our uncle, who we just spent Christmas with, was gone. He went to the gym to work out and went to sleep while talking to his fiancé on the phone right on the gym floor. He died of a massive heart attack. I have to say that I wasn’t surprised that my “year of hell” would have an ending in a way such as that! All these feelings and reminders came back to me as I watched this video but I realized something, Vujicic is right;  you really don’t know how long the storm is going to last. So how can we spend an unforeseen amount of time being angry at life? If we are always angry how can live a prosperous, happy, healthy life? Inspired by this video; that is an understatement! I do know that God has a plan. I also know that when it is time for my “big reveal” I will be reassured that all the events that I experienced throughout my “year of hell” were all a part of the enemy’s distractions from keeping me away from living my purpose. Until then, being angry or upset at the temporary hand I was dealt will not be an option.
When addressing your blog I have to say that I was amazed and impressed at not only the detail you used throughout your story but at the courage you have to discuss your personal experiences. I have always believed that in order to be able to fully reach an audience you first have to be able to connect with them. No two people have walked the same path and if you want to connect with someone you have to be honest with how your story has been played out. If you leave out your struggles and the trials you have faced how are you able to form that connection with someone going through exactly what you already have?
David and I took turns reading your blog out loud last night and it took everything I had to fight back the tears and emotion I felt while reading it. I think the best reward in life we can experience is knowing we have helped give another human being hope and you have done that. In my life and in my personal goals this is what I long for. To know that I have shown people who there is a way when they believed there wasn’t, to give hope when all hope was lost, and to allow someone the chance to feel appreciated when they never have before. “Blonde Brandon from Redondo Beach” will forever be grateful of the time you took to give him back the hope he once had. I think it is so important that people come together to promote positivity in a world where negativity is constantly highlighted. In your blog you mention that your purpose in life has been revealed to you and that hit home. I have had moments where I am in tears just sobbing because I want to know what my purpose in life is so that I can serve that purpose. I never want to waste away any time not doing what the Lord wants me to do and I have always known I was made for something great, I can feel it. As you have experienced, finding the answer to that question can be difficult but after reading your blog I feel like I am closer to getting my answer even if it is just to continue to love and help those that I can.
“What would you be, do or have if you had unlimited resources and you knew with absolute certainty it was impossible to fail?”
It is funny that you ask this exact question because during these last few months of being unemployed I have been doing tons of soul-searching to find out what it is that I want out of life. Being so sick of entry-level positions in the workforce when knowing I have way more potential and abilities to be higher on the management grid,  I have been asking myself what is going to make me happy. Luckily you are not asking how in the world to get to the end result with these goals because I still haven’t figured that out for some lol. I wrote down all my ideas as you asked and here is what I have.
Ø  I would love to be a motivational speaker and share some of the heartaches that I have experienced in life and what I did to overcome. In doing so I would want to give people hope and aspiration to also help others. I want to share my stories of infertility and how I conquered depression, how I lost and kept off over 80 pounds, how I got through such a hard year in 2012 just to name a few.   
Ø  I would open and manage a center for at risk teens. Teens today have a problem with living in the “now” and not realizing that all their actions today affect their future. Teens that come from broken homes often feel that their destiny is to end up just like their family, however I want run a program that shows them a different road.
Ø  I want to write a book. I would love to publish an autobiography focusing on rising above the heartaches of life while maintaining a positive attitude.  
Ø  Graduate! My dream is to be able to finish my seven classes and walk the stage with my Bachelors of Science in Business with a concentration in management. To also pursue my Masters and beyond.
Ø  I would open up a scholarship fund for people in my situation so that they could also pursue their dream of higher education.
Ø  I would start-up a grant to help those wanting to undergo infertility procedures but can’t afford the $12,000 + it takes for one round of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and who have insurance that doesn’t cover it. Again I can relate. It is sad that money stops so many dreams from becoming a reality, so to make someone’s dream come true would be unbelievable.
Ø  If we were to define unlimited resources as money, then I would have no debt! The first thing I always try to do with extra money is pay things off or at least pay towards the balance. So having no debt is something that I would love. This would allow David and I the opportunity to travel as wanted.
Ø  I would love to be in a position to help my family. My parents work hard but never get a break.  My heart aches for the stress they live everyday and if I had unlimited resources I would ensure the stressors of making sure they had a roof over their heads and food to eat everyday were without question.
Ø  Overall, I dream of a life where I am successful, love my career, and are able to help others on so many levels. I would love to be spontaneous without having to first check the finances before making that purchase or planning that trip. Nothing sums me up better than what was said in the Red Bull commercial from your blog “I want to wake up every morning with a passion! I want to wake up with a smile on my face and be able to say I love what I do” This is exactly what I want, talk about the ideal dream!
Well Jason,
I hope you got a better sense of what I am about and who I am. I look forward to talking with you again and I wish you much more success and happiness from here on out!
God Bless-
Are you all as amazed  at the size and potency of this woman’s Dreams?!  Doesn’t her courage and faith and heart for helping others inspire you to be better and do more yourself?  Well she has had that effect on me, and all of the interaction I have had with her over the last 3 plus weeks has been crucial in not only my development personally, but has been a major inspiration to this blog and the E2G movement as a whole.  I asked Andrea a couple of days ago if she would be willing to write some content for a post I wanted to create out of the inspiration she has given me and she obviously agreed.   This will be the first of many collaborative posts being created with some of the amazing people I have been blessed to be connected with in my life.  Please allow yourself to be moved, touched and inspired by Andrea’s Goals and Dreams above and her message to you all below.  The E2G Movement is just waiting on our Trademark for the logo to come through in a couple of days and then I will be starting my tour around the country to launch the movement in every major city.  Please post your insights and wisdom in the comment section of this post.  I encourage you to answer the E2G Fire-starter Question with the same time and care as Andrea answered and post it in the comments.  Also if you feel you have as inspiring of a message as Andrea does and would like to collaborate with me on this blog and also be included as one of the people whose stories will be featured in the book (as well as share in the profits from it) please say so in your comment and leave your email so I can personally reach out to you to being the process.  Enjoy Andrea’s words of wisdom below, they have the power to help you transform your life. 
With Love Always,
Jason Matthew Herrington
Andrea’s Post:
All throughout life we experience different moments that occur within ourselves, our family, and friends. These moments come in the form of someone getting married, getting their dream job, having a baby, or even buying a house. It is that very moment when you all come together to recognize and congratulate whoever is celebrating. I have learned that even though a series of unfortunate events may overwhelm your world from time to time, your moment WILL cycle again and you will be happy. That amazing moment everyone around you always seems to have, will happen to you as long as you never give up and continue to be happy for the people who are currently in their moment!
We need to realize that how people act is a direct result of how they have been treated. I have literally left a job after investing five years of my life there because I was so mistreated by a boss that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I look back and realize that not only did I let that person steal my joy every day, for years, but I also allowed that person to rob me of my happiness without even knowing it. How sad it is to know that my boss was so miserable from how someone treated her, that she had to unleash that misery outward on others. Does this cycle ever end? I wonder how many people I unleashed on because of my bad day after leaving work. Are you ever going to let go and become free from the hate and anger you have towards how someone treated you?  If not, this world is never going to become a better place.  We have to let go and move on with the forgiving loving nature God intended us to have. If we do not focus on all the good in life we will miss out on our purpose!
We were all created by the hands of God to live a divine purpose in this temporary place. The more worry and stress we allow into our hearts, minds, and souls will eventually cloud our vision of what that purpose is and we will get thrown off track. We have to allow ourselves to get back into the purest and honest mindset that we once had as a child so that we can strive to once again live out our purpose. Everyone was created with a God-given talent and maybe we have forgotten what that is. Maybe we are so focused on when that next bill is due that we don’t even know who we are anymore. I am here to tell you that no matter how off track you feel your life is, it is never too far off that you can’t find your way back.
At times I would be so filled with emotion and cry because I wanted my purpose to be revealed to me so that I could start living Gods purpose for my life. What I didn’t realize was just by living in a way that was caring and loving towards people was in fact; living my purpose, or at least part of my purpose. See a series of events has to happen in everyone’s life to get to that big revel. Take a moment to think about all the events that happened leading up to when you met that special person, or how you got the job you tried so hard to get. So many things have to happen to get us where we are and we must remember that so many events also have to happen to get us to where we are going. I learned that for so long I wanted to bypass the events and just arrive in my purpose, but without all the events that lead up to the purpose is like watching the last ten minutes of the most exciting movie ever created. You miss out on living and all the life lessons that come with it!
Back in 2009 my husband and I experienced something that is every woman’s nightmare. We were told that my fallopian tubes were blocked and we would never conceive without undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). That year we did 5 infertility treatments including 3 IVF cycles all resulting in negative pregnancy tests. Feeling depressed and worthless because my body couldn’t do the one thing a woman’s body was made to do, I had to make a choice. I figured I had two options regarding how I was going to live life from that point on. 1) Stay defeated and give the enemy the satisfaction of seeing me slip into a depressed state or 2) rise up from the heartache and live! Live a life trusting that not only will I have my moment one day, but that I will also move on and eventually get through all the pain. Well folks, I decided to rise up and know that in the mist of that storm my God was still carrying me to my destiny! I began working out, eating right, and praying more. I’ve lost 85 pounds to date and I give thanks to this new healthy approach to life to my future babies. I still do not have kids but I do know that there is a God and He knows exactly what He is doing! I heard the song ‘There is a God’ by Lee Ann Womack shortly after I dedicated my life to completely trusting God’s will. I was driving home and my eyes were so filled with tears that I had to pull over. It always amazes me how people can doubt the existence of God even when we see all the beauty He has created. This song is so beautiful and I know you will be overwhelmed with emotion when you watch this video. Make your choice today to rise up and to live the abundant life God wants you to live. Fulfill your purpose by being kind and loving to one another so that Gods favor can pour out all over you affecting everyone in your path. Make the most important decision of your life by taking that step to not only being blessed but to also be a blessing to others.
– Andrea
I would like to officially congratulate Andrea Lopez on becoming the first official E2G Fire-starter.  Every single one of her dreams and goals are well underway to becoming realized quicker than she even knows.  I cannot wait to meet you in person in San Antonio next weekend Andrea and giving you everything I’ve got to help those dreams come to fruition quicker and in a more grandiose way than we both could logically expect.  Who else is ready to Lose their Dream and Fulfill their Destiny?  Let’s go.
“What is Faith?  It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen.  It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see.”  –  Hebrews 11:1

5 comments on “Lose Your Dream, Fulfill Your Destiny

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Melissa Shepherd on February 23, 2013 7:20 am

I really enjoyed your story Andrea. I want to also encourage you. What ever the enemy has stolen he has to give back. God says in his word we can have our heart desire. I’m going to stand in agreement with you that god will bless your womb. If the theif be found he has to pay back 7 fold. I believe god is in the healing business and will give you the children you desire. a lot times people don’t realise situations in life are more spiritual battles then anything else. Stand on gods promises. Make a vision board of what your baby shower to be like. Every morning thank god your baby is on its way. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Take comfort in him and decree and declare blessings over your life. Your story touched my heart.

Avatar image
Jennifer on February 24, 2013 12:55 pm

Thank you so much for writing this Andrea! From what you have been through and coming out positive is so inspiring! I know the Lord has the “big reveal” in store for you and your family! Some people would just lie down and give up but you kept the faith and decided to bring yourself up and out of such a storm. You are truly blessed to have such an amazing husband that seems to go to the ends of the earth for you by sending the email that he did. My wish is that others read this and heed your words. The Lord is with you and will do amazing things for you! My prayers are with you and God Bless you!

Avatar image
Kristina Mertins on February 27, 2013 10:29 am

Andrea this for sure made me cry just because I know what you have gone through within these past few years. Even though we’re sisters there are still certain situations I don’t know fully about but that doesn’t mean I don’t constantly pray for you and David. The amount of success and struggles you both have gone through would have completely crushed and torn apart a couple and individually speaking but with you and David it has only strengthened your relationship. You are one of my biggest inspirations and I know God is going to bless you with a couple of little Andreas and David’s running around 🙂 I need a niece and nephew to spoil! I know when the time is right God will bring that dream and desire to pass. Keep up the faith my beautiful sister and not give up on what God has put into your heart. I am so looking forward to reading more and hearing more about this wonderful opportunity that God has aligned for you and everyone else involved. Thank you for keeping me in the loop and sharing all this wisdom and inspiration with me. I love you and God bless you.

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kkkk on July 25, 2014 7:40 pm

Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site unintentionally, and I’m shocked why this
twist of fate did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

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