You really can’t say it any better than Forrest Gump said it; “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” I’m not sure about anyone else, but am I the only one whose last couple months were extremely challenging and full of surprises? Anyone that knows me personally knows that 2013 has been by far the most extremely challenging year I have ever gone through in my life, and I have had some challenging years! However I can also say with equal enthusiasm that this year has been by far the best and most fulfilling year of my life, full of some incredible experiences and unbelievable breakthroughs. Life and everything in it seems to inevitably follow cycles, and as our life ebbs and flows it’s our responsibility to hang on for the ride, learn the lessons along the way and do everything we can to make our life and the lives of others awesome!

Life is the truly the most magnificent creation, it is a miracle in itself, and I truly believe we were made to be awesome! I found myself saying something to a friend the other day that I realized I used to say all the time that magnified the passion I found in my career pursuits and reminded me of a very important truth I needed to revisit. I was expressing my enthusiasm for people, and how absolutely incredible it is that each and every person you ever meet in this life has their own completely unique story. Each and every one of us has been dealt a different hand in life and no two persons have ever faced the exact same obstacles and challenges in every aspect of their life, nor have any of them handled it in the same way. Think about all the tragedies and triumphs, the trials and tribulations and the victories and successes you have enjoyed in your life. Think of all the lessons you have learned from personal experience and all the amazing people you have met in your life that have added value to you in some way. Every single person you meet in your life has a completely different and personal set of those types of experiences; each and every person in this world has a story to tell.

So what of your story? Will it be awesome? Will it have a happy ending? No matter who we are, where we are from, or what race, religion or economic status we hold, none of us will be immune to challenges, obstacles and the inevitable curve balls life will throw at us from time to time. However we can choose how we react, we can choose to overcome, we can choose to make life awesome no matter what. We are writing our own stories in life and we are doing it right now, and this is not a story you want a ghost writer for. We all must hold our own writing utensils as we take our dreams, goals, ambitions and desires and etch them into the stone of time as life progresses. As I’ve said before we can never have a testimony unless we’ve had a test. So what of your tests in life? Are you passing or failing? Are you living your life exemplifying that setbacks are really just setups for a victorious comeback? I hope so. Make your story an awesome one, realize that you are writing it right now, and no matter what life throws at you we all must make a conscious decision at each and every moment to write our story in a way that it exemplifies our highest ideals and our grandest vision for what we want our life to be about and what we want to be remembered for.

When our story has reached its finale and our time on this earth has passed, who will be there not to mourn your passing but to celebrate the life you lived? What will they say? I hope it will be that not only was your life awesome, but you did everything within your power to make the world awesome too. In the inspiring words of Kid President “What will you create that will make the world awesome?”

– Love & Blessings,

Jason Matthew Herrington


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Andrea Lopez on October 20, 2013 8:52 pm

I love this post! What a great reminder of how everything we do now affects what kind of future we have! Your right, we have to make the most from what we have and we have to make it AWESOME!!!

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