What are the desires of your heart?
What is your greatest aim or life ambition?
What is it that keeps you up at night?
What do you need to complete your mission?

If you haven’t yet found your purpose in life,
Stop seeking your purpose but seek God instead.
For in finding Him you find everything you need,
Especially if of His Word you stay well read.

When we pray to God for help in our life,
We must always remember King Solomon’s request:
We mustn’t ask for health, wealth and power,
But instead ask for wisdom if we want to be blessed.
(1 Kings 3:1-15)

If we lack wisdom, God says we should request it,
And He will give it freely and without reproach.
We just must ask in faith and do not doubt,
And God will be our perfect coach.
(James 1:5-6)

We must be anxious for nothing while praying about everything,
As we make our requests in thanksgiving to God.
Then peace beyond understanding will fill our hearts and minds,
And our glorious Lord we will constantly applaud.
(Philippians 4:6-7)

If God grants us wisdom and we have understanding,
Our good conduct and works will be done in meekness.
But if envy, self-seeking and earthly thinking exist,
Then confusion and evil things are our weakness.
(James 3:13-16)

So whatever is true, whatever is noble,
Whatever is just, lovely and pure.
If it is full of virtue or a praiseworthy thing,
Meditate on it and you will have peace for sure.
(Philippians 4:8)

Set your mind on things above and not of this earth,
For our life is hidden with God in Christ Jesus.
Put off all evil desires, anger, malice and wrath,
For being transformed by God’s glory will free us.
(Colossians 3:2-10)

For the Lord is Spirit and in His Spirit is freedom,
And by His truth and love we become deeply affected.
For when called for His purpose all works for our good,
So sharing God’s truth with others is what is expected.
(2 Corinthians 3:17, Romans 8:28, Mark 16:15)

Do you find yourself asking God for His intervention more than His wisdom? Do ever find yourself seeking a purpose in life outside of God’s will, or forget your central role in fulfilling the Great Commission? What is your main request of God?

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