Thank you for supporting this ministry.

Our goal is to create as many free resources as possible to add value to your life, however this is only able to happen because of the generosity and support of our followers. If God puts it on your heart to support our ministry, there are three different ways you can do so below. God Bless you.

Financial Donations

You can donate directly to our ministry using a credit or debit card. Currently cash donations are not tax deductible but they do allow us to put out better quality content and are much appreciated.

If you would like to send a gift or love offering to one of our team members who provided coaching to you, please put their name in the memo line with your donation.

Shop on Amazon

A small percentage of any of your purchases on our Amazon affiliate store will come back to help support our ministry.  It's a small amount, but hey if you are going to shop there anyways, consider using our link and help our cause!

Save on Essential Services & Feed Hungry Children

Shop at our ACN direct online storefront and get great deals on essential services like mobile and landline phone service, internet, TV, home security, gas, electricity and merchant services for any sized business.

Every time someone becomes an ACN customer and also when they pay their bill each month a hungry child gets fed. Also a small percentage of your bill gets paid to us and helps fund this ministry.

Shop for your essential services and learn more about Project Feeding Kids by clicking here or the "SHOP NOW" link below.

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