Here’s a new blog entry from Andrea Lopez, an amazing leader and part of our group of E2G Fire-starters in Texas. Please enjoy her words of wisdom!


Remember all of your dreams as a child? Do you remember telling a loved one that you wanted to be an astronaut, doctor, or teacher and that loved one telling you how you can accomplish anything you put your mind to? Have you ever wondered what happen to all that support and encouragement? When told that we could do anything we wanted to do; we got so pumped up and confident that nothing was going to stop us. Can you imagine how much our lives would change if we continued to show that belief in one another? This world would be so unstoppable with all the great things people would be willing to aim for just because they were told they could do it. Have you ever wanted to accomplish a dream or goal then rushed over to a friend or family member with that vision and gotten nothing but negativity from them? Why is it that an acquaintance could come up to us with the same vision and we would undoubtedly support it? Why do we take those closest to us for granted? We need to realize that this is a major problem and those closest to us should receive our unconditional support at all times.

Over this last year of my life I have been focusing on my passion and the dreams I have for myself. In doing so, I have been evaluating characteristics of my life and how I can not only help my life get better but how I could also help others get their lives where they want them to be. One thing I noticed right away was how quick we are to shut the door on support and encouragement towards others. I started taking the time to observe situations instead of being so quick to state my opinions about them and have learned more about life in this last year than in the almost thirty years I have been alive. At times I have asked for nothing more than for support and have gotten no response. I have also witnessed others in the same situation and realized that this wasn’t just true in my life but a real problem for people everywhere; lack of support. I started asking myself this question, “how supportive have I been towards others in the past?” and realized I could have been way more supportive than I was at times. I realized that everyone has things, events, goals, and dreams that truly mean a great deal to them and just because I may not agree does not give me the right to show any less support towards them. I narrowed it down to this; in order to succeed we must help others to succeed, in order to attract support we must give it, and in order to live a life of substance we must do what we can to be there for everyone. NO MATTER WHAT!


We must be there for people always! Don’t you realize how much better this world would be? Do you realize that by being an encourager to someone it will not only open up their confidence but allow them to be free of the fears they have of pursuing their dreams? Support can be any form of an encouraging word to helping someone accomplish their goals. It doesn’t matter how you support them but remember to be a person who uplifts others rather than the one who kicks others when they are down.

Think about it; are things in your life going the way you want them too? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Maybe we need to take the time to evaluate our own lives and how we treat others. Are you showing love and support to everyone around you or are you giving out discouragement and negativity? It is my belief that one is not living in the utmost grandiose vision of their life if they can’t even support those whom they claim to cherish. Are we that scared of others potential that we rather push them down then pump them up or do we just not care about being there for the ones that need us the most? I have made it my personal mission to be a person of positivity rather than negativity. I have decided to be one who encourages rather than one who discourages, and most important, one who supports and who is there for anyone in need. I invite you to do the very same and see how many blessings pour into your life because you were a blessing to others!

God Bless,

Andrea Lopez

Wow! Powerful stuff! Thank you Andrea for the great insight on how we can all support each other in reaching our dreams and goals. This quick clip does a phenomenal job of explaining why we all need to guard our hearts and guard our dreams from those who would try to discourage us and bring us down to their level. Lets all make sure we are not being the type of person others need to guard themselves from but are instead the type of person others strive to be around because of all the love and support we share!

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5 comments on “Team Work Makes the Dream Work

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Terri Herrington on June 25, 2013 8:35 am

Love the post Andrea! You are so right about encouragement and support! It’s amazing to me that a kind and encouraging word can change the course of a person’s day. I hope to meet you in the near future and wish you the best in all your endeavors!

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Andrea Lopez on June 27, 2013 12:09 am

Thank you Mrs Herrington I appreciate the kind words. It’s an honor to be able to work with Jason on these blogs. Hope to meet you as well!

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Lorren on June 27, 2013 6:30 am

I agree with this 100%. I too am a person who chooses to live positively, but also fall guilty under looking for the bad in something someone close to me is encountering or about to encounter. It’s not cause I fear their success it’s cause I love them and worry they will put all their heart into something not worth even attempting or to just end up tired and discouraged. But reading this…I guess in order to get up, you must first fall.
“Most important thing in life is learning how to fall.”
I think I could be more encouraging, esp. with my family, but I do instantly dig for the cons so they can really re-assess any situation/aspect they are about to endure.
I do hope for the best, for them all, but this world is so covered in wool now-a-days that sometimes one persons negativity can help pull that wool and reveal it’s true identity. I do wish I could be MORE positive, but it’s easier to give 100% feed back to someone you do not/barely know than someone you wish nothing but the best for.
I am someone who loves positive energy around me…so I ‘try’ to do the same but do fall victim of looking at the cons and therefore revealing the negative. I do agree that people who have better self esteem and better lives in general if there was more positivity in this chaotic world we are in today.

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trina on June 27, 2013 4:38 pm

I agree a word of encouragement and to have people support you is the best. The feeling of someone saying ” you can do it” or even a simple congratulation is a good thing. Even if they dont support you. I have always had dream for me & my parents. Once i had kids they came into the picture as well. I want to thank you for all of the love and support my family has given me in any situation that came my way. Love the fact that my family isnt judgmental. Love the fact that i have inspirational people in my life & that they understand how much this new opportunity that came my way is the best thing ever. I have had negativity in my life after i was divorced but my life has changed & i have met new people that are the best. Thank Andrea & thankyou Jason.

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Kristina Mertins on July 15, 2013 10:46 pm

I totally agree!! We for sure need more positive people in this world. I bet there would not be Half as people who are not on the right path. All it takes is being encouraging to at least one person a day if not more!! I am truly blessed to have a family that supports me and brings me up even when I feel like quitting. Love the words sister 🙂

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