Earlier this week I was pondering this idea of being in the Eye of the Hurricane, as a kind of catch phrase into teaching people how they can Stay Calm during the Storms of Life.  This year has provided me with not only much personal experience on this topic, but also an onslaught of incredibly strong, faith-filled individuals who have been gracious enough to share with me their stories and help me gain even more knowledge and insight on this incredibly valuable subject. Throughout my adult life I have been fortunate to not only meet an incredibly large number of individuals on a personal basis, but for whatever reason I have always found that friends, acquaintances and even perfect strangers have always felt comfortable enough with me to share themselves in a very deep and personal way. This blessing has given me amazing perspective in my life and made me realize how unbelievably blessed and fortunate I really have been. In fact up until the events that have transpired in my life over the last few years, I can honestly say the hardest challenge I’ve ever had to deal with in my life has been being made fun of for being a fat kid in my youth. I used to think this was a blessing, however I have now realized that pressure, opposition, challenges and failure are one of the greatest gifts in the world to give us an opportunity to grow and expand as human beings.

Napoleon Hill said “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”  I know with absolute certainty that this is true from my personal life. Every single one of us is going to get knocked down in life, but the question is how quick are you going to get back up? In my previous post “Life Transformation 101” I spoke about going through a super hard falling out with a friend, totaling my car and being in the worst physical and mental shape of my life and how I turned my life around. The “Storms” we find ourselves experiencing in life always seem the worst when we are right in the middle of them, yet when we look back we can see the truth in Napoleon Hill’s words. Sometimes the greatest benefit of hitting rock bottom so to speak it that it forces us to finally step outside of our ego (to quit listening to the “Voice of Treason“) to swallow our pride and then to finally look up and reconnect with God, our Source or our Higher Selves. I’m sure you’ve seen the great posts about “Famous Failures” before but here’s a great brief video that highlights them:

I’m sure you’ve heard that It’s always the darkest just before the dawn and I wanted to write this post to hopefully give you some inspiration to persevere if you happen to find yourself in a very challenging time in your life right now. That’s what being in the Eye of the Hurricane is all about, and in the book I am writing I will be sharing in much more specific detail some of the incredible challenges I have been faced with in life and specifically the perspective I took to overcome them. If you’ve never read the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo I highly recommend picking it up. The amazing story talks about living your own personal legend and how when we get close to realizing our dreams that is when we will be faced with some of the biggest challenges and obstacles in our life. It’s like life knows how close we are and is giving us a test as to say “lets see just how bad they want this.” I’m reminded of a phenomenal analogy I heard in a sermon one time about lions in the wild. The pastor spoke about how when a wildebeest or a gazelle is pregnant in the wild and is just about to give birth, the fiercest predator of all, the lion follows the pregnant animal around for days on end just waiting for the moment the female lays down to give birth to new life. The lions know that the moment the mother lays down to give birth it would be completely defenseless and the lion would be able to devour not only the adult, but all the new babies just as they come into the world. Kind of a grim analogy I know, but I believe this is just a reality of life we all must face.

God seems to know exactly when we are about to give birth to our destiny and step up to the greatness that we all have inside ourselves. Right before our dreams come to pass and the vision of grandeur we have in our mind is going to be brought to reality it seems we are faced with the violent storms of life. But we must persevere, we must find the Calm in the Storm, we must learn to live in the Eye of the Hurricane. The Eye of the Hurricane is completely calm, perfectly still and nothing can get to it. It is surrounded by violent winds and a destructible force that is completely impenetrable. You see the secret to calming the storms of your life is to understand this, when you are faced with challenges, failure, defeat and heartache, just know it is only because your victory is right around the corner and your dreams are about to come to reality as long as you keep moving forward. The Storm is not a reason to sink, to slouch and to be defeated; no, the storm is the time to stand your ground, to pour it on and to get excited, because what will happen next if you do will be absolutely amazing! It’s not about where you’ve been in life, it’s about where you are going. Everything happens for a reason, be strong, keep your faith and prepare for the greatness that’s coming!

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Realize you are Blessed so you can be a Blessing to others.

Jason Matthew Herrington

I find this song very inspiring and perfectly in line with today’s subject, enjoy 😉

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6 comments on “The Eye of the Hurricane: Stay Calm During the Storms of Life

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Andrea Lopez on November 8, 2013 6:59 pm

By far one of the best life lessons we should all know and remember. To many dwell in this poor pity me attitude and never reach their true happiness because they gave up before the big revile. I loved the “famous Failures” video. I have heard of some of those stories but not all. I think that video was full of inspiration. Rejection isn’t meant to knock us down but to weed out the weak! We must keep pressing forward and enjoy life! Such a great post! Thank you for keeping us inspired!

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jasonmherrington on November 8, 2013 7:02 pm

Thank you so much for your positive feedback and support Andrea!

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Lorren on November 8, 2013 7:57 pm

I found this subject very inspiring. I have personally witnessed many that consume themselves in the negativity that surrounds them. I honestly want to shake them and yell, “BE GONE SATAN!” How can one be so negative? But I knoew satan is fighting to win their souls by making them feel as though God has failed them. I may not be applying myself 100% in my life, but I know my God and I trust in him completely. I know I can stress myself out but I always stop…take a breath and ask, “Lord, is this a test? Open my eyes and help me stay on your path, for I am your student and want to learn.” Life can through you curve balls. But I know God will always provide. Just like Andrea said above, “rejection isn’t meant to knock us down, but to weed out the week.” I believe that. I believe that’s Gods way of telling you, you are straying off my chosen path. Satan has won your sight…come back to me. If you don’t stay strong satan will win. I chose God and I chose positivity. I choose to be an example to HIS light.
Beautiful and deep post Jason. Makes me want to go out and give random hugs. 🙂

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Lorren on November 8, 2013 7:59 pm

Sorry for all the typos. My phone kept skipping as I typed. :/

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jasonmherrington on November 9, 2013 12:13 am

Thanks so much for your comment Lorren! Yes go give random hugs! E2G will definitely be having a free hug campaign in the future! You are going to be in for sure! haha. I really appreciate you reading the blog and taking the time to share your thought and insight!!

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