What an amazing world we live in today! When we think of the unbelievable scientific achievements that have happened in our lives it is truly astounding isn’t it? The technological advancements in the last 100 years have been greater than in the previous 1000 COMBINED!  What’s amazing is that YOU and I get to be the individuals here experiencing it…….but is it ALL for the BEST?

Yes there have been incredible achievements and powerful innovations that have advanced society, however how much have we really progressed in the areas that matter?  Has our society as a whole become so intellectual in our lives that we value science over FAITH? Do we as individuals function within a global paradigm that values logic and reason over HOPE? I’m sure we can agree that in a large way it seems like we do.

We live in a society that says we have to “SEE it to BELIEVE it” and as a result society as a whole is falling to pieces in so many ways. Yes there is much good and amazing things to talk about, but at the same time many of us are like ostriches with our heads in the sand ignoring the atrocities happening in the world at large and even in the houses next door. It seems that because science, logic, reason and this “see it to believe it” mentality is so rooted into the lives of individuals in our modern society that so much of the world only puts value on the TANGIBLE things of life, instead of the INTANGIBLE things of life, where the REAL value lies.

We have become a society of people who watch “Reality” TV instead of paying attention to the reality of our own lives and loved ones. We get more excited about professional and collegiate sports than we do our own lives or worse yet our own children’s sports and other activities. We are told by the media and controlling powers to be that we must buy more things, newer things, trendier things, and as a result people are in financial turmoil trying to “keep up with the Joneses” or here in Southern California trying to “Keep up with the Hiltons.” Hollywood keeps us striving for this ideal of beauty that is not only unreachable for the majority of people, but it is completely unrealistic and impossible to obtain because even the movie stars undergo hours of not only professional, makeup and wardrobe, but also the printed and raw media is put through intense editing to give us the finished product that many times doesn’t look anything like the actual person!  All of this focus in our lives on these tangible things of the world, has made so many of us ignorant to the real places we should be giving our attention.

We MUST as a whole move our FOCUS to the INTANGIBLE things of life, the UNSEEN things in life where all the true value and beauty is. The most amazing things in life are things like love, hope, faith, joy, peace, happiness and most importantly a relationship with God. As Hellen Keller said:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

We say we have to “SEE it to BELIEVE it” but in reality we must “BELIEVE it in order to SEE it!”

Our Heavenly Father – the God who Created every single atom and molecule of every one of the things we are so caught up “enjoying” in life (INCLUDING US) must become the main focal point of each of us in our lives if we really want to enjoy life on this Earth as it was originally intended for us. All of the above things mentioned, like faith, love, hope, joy, peace and happiness WILL all come when you seek God first. There is no greater feeling or experience in the world than to feel the warm embrace of God in your life. Experiencing the Presence of God is something that you can’t really describe, you have to experience it for yourself. Imagine the happiest you’ve ever been, the most joy and love you’ve ever felt and combine that with the most insane surge of energy and passion and then multiply it times a million and you will be getting closer to the reality of this experience. However to do this you have to turn from logic and reason and the SEEN and move towards faith, belief and the UNSEEN.

It’s kind of like those old Magic Eye posters, do you remember them? They looked like a TV on the fritz and if you stared at it long enough a hidden image would pop out, or at least in theory it would; I couldn’t see them! If you just walked by one in a mall or saw one hanging on someones wall and you didn’t know what it was would you stop and stare and try to see the hidden image? Of Course not, you would think “that’s a weird piece of  art, what’s the point of that?” and walk on by without giving it a second thought.

However since someone has told you there is something to see, in fact they have even told you what it WAS, it makes you want to stop and look!! It makes you want to do whatever it takes to SEE the HIDDEN image!!  You inquire and find the technique or strategy in order to see the hidden image, you relax your eyes, you ‘look through” the picture, etc. and if you look long enough ….BAM! A spaceship! Well that’s what the one was I had on my wall in my bedroom as a kid at least!

Well we have to realize that we must seek God the same way. Countless people throughout history have told us there is a hidden image to see, there is something life altering to experience, yet how many of us are fervently seeking? Whether you have had a personal experience with God or not there is a technique to do so, there is a way to “See” the “Hidden” image. Personally I feel that every facet of creation “tells” me there is a God. I was speaking to a friend just the other day and explaining how sometimes I get so overwhelmed with how magnificent God’s Creation really is that I am almost brought to tears!  How perfect and awe-inspiring; how wondrously magical everything works together. I look at the plant in the corner of my living room and besides being enthralled with its beauty and glow I marvel knowing that it lives by inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen, because I know that I live by inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide! The perfection in this symbiotic creation is unreal! That is just one mere example, and to say that is just a ‘coincidence’ is not only ignorant in my opinion, it’s just plain irresponsible.

I stumbled across this quote yesterday:

“It takes no brains to be an atheist. Any stupid person can deny the existence of a supernatural power because man’s physical senses cannot detect it. But there cannot be ignored the influence of conscience, the respect we feel for the moral Law, the mystery of first life…or the marvelous order in which the universe moves about us on this earth. All these evidence the handiwork or the beneficent Deity….That Deity is the God of the Bible and Jesus Christ, His Son.” – Dwight Eisenhower

Now any atheist or agnostic, might take this quote as being offensive, in fact when I shared this on my Facebook page I know at least one person who voiced their offense with a “how dare you.” I chuckled because I realized that sometimes the TRUTH hurts. People don’t want to let go of the life they are living, because they like loving the things they love. However those same people can’t even being to fathom the life they are capable of living if they were willing to do so. God has a better life for you than the one you have planned for yourself.

If by chance you are someone who has stumbled upon this and aren’t quite sure there is even a “hidden picture” or a “God” worth seeking out and looking for, I would like to share a few more quotes to wrap up to express that many of the greatest scientific and logical minds in history believe in God. In fact I think it was their belief that gave them their power to innovate:

“This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.” – Sir Isaac Newton

“In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what makes me really angry is that they quote me for support of such views.” – Albert Einstein
Even Charles Darwin himself – admitted that his theory didn’t suffice (don’t worry atheists I used to lean on the unsubstantiated theory of evolution too, until I took some time to do some modern research and not defend something I was taught in school and believed just because it was in a textbook)
“The Impossibility of conceiving that this grand and wondrous universe, with our conscious selves, arose through chance, seems to me the chief argument for the existence of God…I am aware that if we admit a first cause, the mind still craves to know whence it came and how it arose.” – Charles Darwin
You need to first BELIEVE it, if you wish to SEE it. When you get out of your own mind and move away from reason and logic you can move closer to God, and then you will actually start to find yourself. You will discover the real you and start living the life you were meant to live. The Bible contains instructions on how to do this, it starts with accepting Jesus, then moving closer to God himself. Take this step toward the UNSEEN, it will be the most powerful and exhilarating thing you’ve ever done.
“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7
I can’t wait to hear your story about the overwhelming joy you experience when you finally “SEE the HIDDEN picture”

God Bless,

Jason Matthew Herrington

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6 comments on “You gotta SEE it to BELIEVE it?

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Andrea Lopez on March 23, 2014 6:48 pm

There are several concepts I enjoyed about this post! First off, I liked how you pointed out how Hollywood shows us what beauty is, yet what they show isn’t even true beauty in the first place. No wonder self image is a struggle for so many. I also love the quote by Hellen Keller. I’ve studied her story and she is such an inspiration. Overall I agree that science is great but scientists get to caught up “explaining” everything and having a reason for everything that the beauty of God is missed and dismissed. I agree that you must BELIEVE it in order to SEE it because without belief sight can only go so far!!!! Another awesome post my friend!

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Melissa shepherd on March 26, 2014 9:43 pm

Great post! Full of wisdom! I always enjoy reading your posts. Your posts get better all the time.

Avatar image
jasonmherrington on March 27, 2014 10:43 am

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the kind words and positive feedback Melissa!! I look forward to us sharing your post and powerful testimony!

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Brandon Aragon on March 28, 2014 5:40 pm

There was a poem i did in school that was similar to the topic of this blog. It was interesting. The details to seeing the unhidden picture of anything in our lives is something that we never think of. Every creation in this world has a purpose no matter if we think it has a purpose or not.
A poem called the goblin market poem is a fairly long poem but so much imagery to the poem and the out looks of life. 2 females being two worlds of society and unspoken or hidden secret between them and the goblins and what they are selling to people in the market. The value of the fruits, market, goblins, the women are all our own hidden secrets to anything greater we desire. From seeking god or a greater image we can look up to and take the step to success or a goal we want to achive is still in our vision but if something is going to make an excuse towards that goal we still need a push from that greater image to get through the obstical. I dont think the last sentence makes much sense. Haha i like the posts. It reminds me of many like wise readings that i have encountered in my early life.

Read the goblin market poem. There is many different ways we all can interpret the meanins in the poem. It makes you think outside the box of what it can be. There will always be more than one hidden image.

Avatar image
jasonmherrington on March 29, 2014 11:20 am

Thank you for the comment Brandon. I definitely agree, every creation has a purpose. I’m very glad this reminds you of a “wise reading” haha. I will have to check out the poem you speak of. Thank’s again for reading and sharing! God Bless!

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